Uglyjoy was just as fun as I imagined ! These guys are sick and the way their band has been put together is definitely uncommon but it for sure works. This band is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Funny enough, UglyJoy started as a recording project for their vocalist Ahmad. From this project he made the music video to “Room Full of Assholes.” From that video someone reached out to try to get his “band” to open for them. However, there was no band! Only Ahmad! So, they told him “Make a Band!” From there we got the birth of UglyJoy! The band is made up of Ahmad on the vocals, Simon on the bass, Ian on the synth, Chad on the drums. There were also two other members missing from the interview, Ray and Brennan! They both play guitar.

The main challenge Uglyjoy says they have faced as a band is the continuous lineup changes! So, because Uglyjoy started out as not even being a band it has taken some trial and error to figure out how to achieve their sound live. I mean their first show had 5 guitarists! (and they were not the only ones on stage!). The next time they had a four piece band but even then that didnt stick. They had another synth player at one point too! Now Ian is their only synth. They are at a pretty good place now with how to achieve their sound live but they are looking for a bass player as Simon is going to Ecuador! So, another lineup change!

It's kind of hard to  keep up with these guys as they dont post too much! 

But they have more music coming for us soon!

If you're meant to know about it... it'll find you!

Follow their Instagrm: @uglyjoy_band

Click the link below and check out UglyJoy! 

SCROLL DOWN to Watch their Meet The Band interview!



Getting to interview Floral Portrait was nothing short of an experience! A great experience! Sonically it was beautiful and the vibes of their rehearsal space were truly calming. Upon first hearing their self titled project I was in awe at how nicely composed each song was! They sound amazing. The band is made up of Freeman on the bass, Miller on some of the wind instruments , Jake on the steel guitar and vocals and Jason on the piano, vocals, and composition.

Jason brought the band together through mutual friends and music school! At a Marching Banana event in Athens Jake brought the idea to Jason to  “play music like the Beach Boys” and since then they were locked in. Miller and Freeman came at a later date. These also are not the only members of the band as there are plenty more.

The thickness of each song is literally breathtaking especially knowing that this is an independent band!

The instruments range from piano to bass clarinet to sax to many more, which gives their tracks more of an orchestra feel than just a band. The soothing sounds of Jason’s and Jake’s voice will draw you in and won't release you until the whole project is over! 

I am not even exaggerating! 

TThey classify their music as Baroque pop as it does not sound like a typical pop song you would hear on the radio!

Some great advice from Floral Portrait was to create your own musical world for you. What that means is don’t get too caught up in what other bands are doing or the people who you look at as potential fans. Hone in on your sound and what you enjoy and everything else will fall into play! Json even stated what makes Floral Portrait so great is they all exist in their own musical worlds. Some play in other bands, some always creating, and some experimenting. But when you bring all those individuals together it creates magic!

I’m excited for what Floral Portrait has to bring in 2024 and you should be too! I heard they've been working with puppets lately!




Heart, Heart is an Atlanta-based all girl alternative band. The members are Mitaya on drums , Asi Kemera on guitar and vocals,  Starr on the bass ,and Ally on the guitar! After a few dm slides and shows played with just Starr and Aussie the band we see today was formed! During their trip to New York for an early show they ran into a  popular tiktoker where he posted their music and them. It went Viral! After only playing a couple of shows it has pushed the band into hyperdrive to create more and release as soon as possible. A unanimous favorite from the band to perform was bae song which has not been released yet!

Some advice Heart, Heart would give to their fans is Don’t be afraid to play what you want to play! Don't be confined to what you think people want and I couldn’t agree more. Play the music you love and don’t worry, someone out there will love it. Mitaya also urges you to step outside of your comfort zone! Fun fact, she almost didn't go to New York out of fear of not being ready enough, which is common with new bands. We all get those pre show jitters! But, the band made their way to New York despite the fears and they ended up going viral! I can’t wait to see what Heart Heart brings us next!

Follow them on instagram at Heart________Heart (8 underscores!) and tiktok to stay in the loop of what's next for Heart Heart!




I was lucky enough to interview these guys before they blow up! 

Because trust in me they will! 

They recently released their song Deep Trough and the rollout of videos for it has been hilarious!

True to their instagram name @Babblerinc they released a series of “employee” HR videos explaining what it means to “work for” Babbler Inc. 

The band is made up of three members Keaton on vocals and guitar, Addison on the bass, and Andrea on the drums. 

I asked the guys how they came up with the name Babbler and depending on what time of day you ask you may get two different answers.

Either the South American bird or because Keaton “babbles” all the time! Lol 

Keaton often likes to improv when performing or rehearsing to get a feel for what sounds good! 

A thing that drew me to the band before even truly knowing who they were was their “BABBLER DEEP LORE.”

Their secret fourth member explained what that is in the meet the bands interview but i would recommend checking it out yourself and seeing what makes Babbler so loveable! Below are links to their music! Stream them, watch their Meet The Bands, and if you’re in Atlanta go to one of their shows! You won’t be disappointed!



November 8th 2023


True to their name, Internet Islands, this indie rock band came together through the internet. Craigslist to be exact! Many bands I’ve met have come together through work, childhood friendships, even through family but never through Craigslist! And they sound good! 

Internet Islands is made up of Miyon on the vocals, Matt on the guitar, Anderson on the drums, and Ryan on the bass,. Through the luck of the draw, or maybe even fate they all answered the same ad on craigslist and the band was formed through a former member who was a keyboardist! 

Their creative process explained to me was very intriguing and I can't say I’ve met a band who does it like this yet!

They have and record a  jam session with all their members. Then, they listen to the playback and dig through what they deem good. Ryan then arranges the song pulling the best parts of hours long sessions and this is how we get the songs we hear today. Some of their singles are “Puppydog” and “Passenger!" 

Miyon explains the motivation behind Puppydog in meet the bands. I would definetly reccomend checking out that video. 

 The production work on the videos are amazing as well! The cinematic vibe matched with the calming vibrations of Miyon's voice are *chefs kisses*

It reminds me of an 80s cult classic movie right when Molly Ringwald is leaning in for her "first kiss". 

Very nostalgic!

This band is super underrated all the way around if you ask me! 

Click the links below check out their music and videos!

Also their website! INTERNETISLANDSBAND.com



OCTOBER 11TH 2023. 

Written By: Teona White

Brothers, Cerberus and Abstrakt, came together to form the band Squeamish. They didn’t play instruments at the time but had the vision which has come to be the band we see today. The band completely came together when one group of friends met another group of friends from house shows around Georgia Tech and through a daytime job. Stankyousomuch on the guitar, Abstrakt the vocalist, Hayden on the drums, Forest on the bass, and Conner on the guitar, these guys are INTENSE. 

The music I mean! They were very nice! 

But with songs like “Don’t R*pe Punk” and “Squeamish chant” their style to my knowledge has been absent in music for years. Especially in the mainstream. 

In 2022, Rolling Stone declared pop punk “ back from the dead” with artist like Willow Smith and Olivia Rodrigo rising in popularity. Especially amongst teenagers. 

But Squeamish isn’t pop punk. They are HARDCORE!

Hardcore punk.

 Their hardcore punk style gets the crowds moshing!

No, I mean reallly moshing! Think like, the band Fugazi or even Bad Brains from the 80s.

Everyone really feels the music! There’s no wall flowers just pure excitement and rage as Abstrakt screams very melodically over the band!

It’s actually refreshing to watch.

Abstrakt will lay and roll on the floor pushing the lyrics from his core and engaging with the crowd! All while the band matches the energy and makes you feel the beat! 

Especially Hayden on the drums!

It’s exciting to watch.

Their project “BDSM” is available on all platforms, also, their singles 

“Don’t trust the Pyramids”, “Cut down”, and another version of “Nothing Less, Nothing, More”.

Squeamish has much more music and videos coming soon! 

Advice from Squeamish

Be Authentic, Be Yourself, and Play your instruments! 

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Click the link below to check out their music and newly released music video!



SEPTEMBER 13th 2023.

Written by: Teona White

I had the pleasure of interviewing and sitting in rehearsal with The Hensleys from Atlanta, Georgia! The band is made up of "Log" on the guitar, "G" on the bass, "Snake" on the drums, and "Ezra Pounds" on the guitar and vocals. Sept 1st they are dropping the first part to their Trilogy called H.O.T (or Hensleys Original Trilogy). With the melodic sound of Pounds voice and the sonically pleasing vibrations from the band as a whole this is one you don't want to miss. To my suprise, Hensleys actually got their name from their band member Snake. It's his middle name! They brainstormed and nothing stuck until they reached Snake.  Which understandably so, cause not only does Hensleys fit the band's aesthetic but it's just as cool as Snake! (he's a preetty cool dude!).  Snake, Log, and Pounds have known each other since grade school! G met Pounds at a later date and basically became music best friends! From there the rest was history and The Hensleys was created.

Check out PUNX Media's MEET THE BANDS interview with THE HENSLEYS and get well aquainted! You're going to be seeing alot more of them! 

Check out the link below to stream their music and videos!