I had the pleasure of interviewing and sitting in rehearsal with The Hensleys from Atlanta, Georgia! The band is made up of "Log" on the guitar, "G" on the bass, "Snake" on the drums, and "Ezra Pounds" on the guitar and vocals. Sept 1st they are dropping the first part to their Trilogy called H.O.T (or Hensleys Original Trilogy). With the melodic sound of Pounds voice and the sonically pleasing vibrations from the band as a whole this is one you don't want to miss. To my suprise, Hensleys actually got their name from their band member Snake. It's his middle name! They brainstormed and nothing stuck until they reached Snake.  Which understandably so, cause not only does Hensleys fit the band's aesthetic but it's just as cool as Snake! (he's a preetty cool dude!).  Snake, Log, and Pounds have known each other since grade school! G met Pounds at a later date and basically became music best friends! From there the rest was history and The Hensleys was created.

Check out PUNX Media's MEET THE BANDS interview with THE HENSLEYS and get well aquainted! You're going to be seeing alot more of them!